Monday, September 10, 2012

Turning into a huge hippy

So I found this video the other day, and really enjoyed it. If I could embed this I would, but instead you have to go to the link. It's about woodworking and pretty cool.

The next video is about raising sheep.


  1. It sucks when you can't embed a video, but I checked it out and it wouldn't even play!! (Which is worse!)

    The sheep video is awesome! I like how they call them with the words "SheepSheep!" Its so nice to see a really indepth look into one of the many types of jobs that makes up the world! I never even thought about how indepth you'd have to do things to raise sheep! Vimeo is great for videos like this!!

    Thanks for posting it!

    1. I wonder if it's country locked? Crazy if it is, the HG video was really interesting. He was a career ship welder that retired and now does woodworking. He carves and does lathe work, and it's an interesting look into his life.