Thursday, September 06, 2012

Damn it I forgot to post about international beer day again

Alright I know you've been waiting for it all year, but Happy International Beer Day!

I did manage to get an Oatmeal stout brewed the 28th, so you know only 3 weeks and a days late.  I need to check on it probably today or tomorrow for racking into secondary.  I have some liquid Bret yeast waiting for me at my LHB store so I'll get down there and get another vessel for racking into.  The trouble with all of these darn vessels is you find yourself thinking well I hate to leave it empty so you end up without one empty to pivot into.

Anyhow, my Tiny Quaker Stout should come in around 8%ABV, and I'm almost certain I'm going to be sad I only made a gallon of it.  The tiny batches are crazy easy to work with, and I was able to do the whole thing on my stove top.  I realize this will surprise no one, but I also did a "leftovers" batch with my spent grain and ended up with a tiny batch of weak stout that I blended with the Lambic yeast culture I keep running in a growler so that the Lambic would have something new to start working on.  It's been on the pale since about February so I figured it needed something new to work on. 

As a final note I visited Fall Fest at Schwitzer this year and had Alaskan Raspberry Wheat Ale, at 6.5%ABV it wasn't too light and was like sunshine in your mouth.  Sadly it's only available in a few states, but probably the best beer I've had all summer.


  1. That oatmeal stout sounds pretty tasty. Interestingly enough, the last beer I brewed was a raspberry wheat. Everyone loved it. Took some convincing, as they all thought it was going to be some sugary sweet cider-kind-of drink (they always think that when there's a sweet fruit in the name). It might not have been as good as the Alaskan, but it was one of the better brews I've made.

  2. International beer day? I like that, but I'd have thought it would be in October to coincide with Octoberfest!!

    Raspberry wheat ale sounds nice! I'm gonna have to look in to that one!!

  3. That raspberry beer sounds good. But that could be just because I like raspberries.