Friday, October 30, 2009

Why I won't buy another iPod and neither should you

Apple disrespects their customers and their accessory partners with pretty much every release of the iPod and iPhone. By breaking pin compatibility with previously released accessories they are forcing customers that have invested in their ecosystem to purchase new docks, charging stations, and other accessories. Some in-dash decks that boast iPod compatibility have to have the little * and tell you what generations they support, my wife's speaker dock and charger works for the iPod classic (aka 6th gen) but not for the iPod touch 2nd gen. This isn't rocket science people they did it to prevent unapproved iPod accessories, not because these devices might damage your device but because they where not paying Apple to make these devices. Who suffers in these cases though? Not the knock off manufactures, they just design around it, while people like me that bought my wife a Iluv 1155 dvd player with iPod dock to go with her fancy iPod only to find out that the manufacturer was unaware that it wouldn't work with the new generation of iPod that launched around the time it did. It turns out after reading recently they issued working replacements, but did nothing to remedy the affected users. I choose to not return the unit only because it was a decent dvd player, but it deffinately is a sore spot for me and Apple.

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