Wednesday, September 23, 2009

College basics for the masses

Straighter Line has an interesting idea for improving college with flat rate pricing. $99 for the course and the can count for college credit from accredited Universities. Now I am not sure that this would work with every class ever, but certainly the basic courses that most University students find themselves in would be easy enough to package into a digestible web-course that could be taken in a self-paced manner, and still transfers the applicable knowledge to the student. Interestingly the have not chosen to chase an even lower hanging fruit of certification training courses for Cisco and Microsoft. Most of these would benefit from this type of a setup, and would significantly challenge several businesses that are basically training centers that do little more than this for 5-10x's the price. I would think that the target audience for these courses would be bigger than the one for college kids, and with a straight forward pricing model could really disrupt that market. At best some colleges will accept Straighter Line and a few more will put in rules that block this specifically form counting for their degree work and it will not change the overall education landscape.

Interesting, not a game changer.

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