Thursday, June 18, 2009

Orwell diary

I have subscribed to the Orwell diaries and was struck by a recent post that listed a recipe for making cream cheese as a newspaper clipping. I cannot imagine that happening now!

Cream Cheese from Goat’s Milk. – The simplest cream cheese to make is the following, W. J. C. (Bletchley). To 1 quart of fresh, warm milk add half a teaspoon of rennet and stir well. Let stand for 12 hours then cut the curd into pieces of uniform walnut size with a curd knife or enameled ladle. Transfer the cut curd to cheese cloth, and hang up to drain for 24 hours. Then take down, add a pinch of salt and place in a mould stood on a small straw mat. Place another mat on top and slightly weigh down. Keep thus for two days, turning the mould over and weighting from the other side once during this time. The cheese is then ready for use.

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