Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Do you support the US automakers in theory or in fact?

I was having an discussion(argument) with a coworker about the possibility of a "bailout" for the auto industry. He said that he believes that it is important for the US to have the businesses here, so that the revenue doesn't go overseas and helps fuel our economy. He also drives a BMW, and I asked him if he supported the US automakers in theory or in fact? If he supports them in fact I told him the simple answer is to go buy a new car from them, don't haggle on the price and get your financing through their financing wings. He says I was being a jerk, but truthfully he could not name a vehicle made by a US automaker that he would give up his BMW for; I say that proves my point that they caused their own mess, and I don't support a bailout for them anymore than I supported a bailout for the financial sector.

In short, if you want to see US automakers succeed, then go buy a car from them. Don't ask the rest of us that have voted with our dollars on foreign cars pay for it.

I am glad to see mention in the press on the potential for the new bailout that several Congressional people said getting berated by their constituency for approving the other bailout. I also say that Bush has been letting it be known that they intend to use less than half the money approved by Congress.

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