Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chest Freezer Conversion

So one of the pieces of equipment that I consider most important to my brewing process is the chest freezer I have running on a temperature controller.  I could not brew several styles of beer without the ability to precisely control the temperatures during fermentation, but the way I did it cost me about $60 on top of the cost of the chest freezer.  I found my 7 cubic ft chest freezer on Craigslist for about $125 it was only 1 year old and the people that owned it had to get rid of it because they where moving.  To control the temps I bought a Johnson temperature controller from Amazon for about $60, I sure wish I had seen this Instructable project back when I was considering this purchase it might have saved me $40.

The project neatly integrated the temperature control unit into the body of the chest freezer, and it is a different style than the one I used but it is cheaper and a cleaner finished project than mine turned out to be.


  1. Anonymous5:37 AM

    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. $125? Sounds like a heck of a deal if you ask me.

  3. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Sounds good. (:

  4. Can't wait to see the finished product. Too bad I can't taste them. :(

  5. Post pics! Anway, +internets for awesomeness!



  6. What do you keep your temps at, I just finished a quick mead style brew, trying to refine it - it's definitely going to take awhile and experimentation.