Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pocket Doors

image via Andenbathrooms

Toolmonger reminded me of how badly my house needs pocket doors in a few locations. These marvels of innovation can help to fix terrible layouts and make rooms that would otherwise feel quite crowded seem less so.

At $62 for the pocket hardware these are a very attractive thing to me right now. I suppose right after I finish up that birch butchers block from a leftover scrap of an NUMERÄR countertop from Ikea I will get on convincing my wife this is something we should do. I really want it in the master bedroom, but start with the closet in the basement.


  1. Pocket doors rock - loved them in my last place. Where in the master bedroom would you put them?

  2. I think the master bathroom needs it. The swing of the door messes up the whole space. The trouble is that damn wall heater, I may have to do a split pocket door that meets in the middle.