Monday, May 18, 2009

California Rep to software devs:work somewhere else

According to Electronista a California Representative wants for all software that could potentially share files with anyone (FTP programs qualify) to have a notification that requires the user to consent that they understand their files may be shared by using this file. The idea is that by forcing the users to accept that they may be sharing every time they open the application.

Aside from the insane probability that this is remotely enforceable on anyone but in state developers, nobody reads modal dialogues. Not even nerds like me.

I believe that this will die horribly, but the problem here is that people just want a way to fast track suing customers (or potential customers) for downloading rather than trying to figure out how to monetize those transactions. Music, Movie and many more industries lost track of opportunities, and someone stepped forward with solutions to consumer desires. The trouble is though the solutions where easy and free, they where illegal. If they content creators/owners had offered something better for a reasonable price (the drm ladened versions with heavy handed enforcement did not meet this criterion) then they would not have to sue potential customers.

California wants developers to develop in a different state apparantly. Hey San Fransisco/Silicon Valley, Washington will take you!

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