Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Overwhelmed by my own Success

Right the pace of my posting seems to be lagging, so I thought some light should be shed.

I specked, researched, bid, pitched and am now in the process of purchasing a large wireless system to cover the nearly 300,000 sqft facility I currently work in. Because this is a government agency (sort of) we have lots of rules, and I had to present this to 3 directors and then to our President (we are structured like a corporation even thought we are technically Government). All of this has sort of eaten up my life, and is going to continue to eat up my life as this will put me squarely in the position of project manager. The time frame for execution on this is about 3 months, and is mostly waiting on a blessing from our auditor.

Fun times ahead for this little boy, and then we start talking about the toys to use this wireless network. UMPC’s here I come.

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