Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Thonghts on Helio

Having had the Helio Ocean for 3 months now I thought I would add some additional thoughts.

The all you can eat data is still gravy, and as long as I stay in the populated sections of the world the data is cash, stray off the beaten path say into a house and your cell calls might as well be placed in a tin can full of shit, and data rate plummets. On the bus along the freeway corridor YouTube moves data so fast, I almost never have to buffer in the middle of a video. That is great, and I really like being able to watch video at full speed; even if the quality is a little iffy.

I do have a gripe though. For some reason that I am sure makes sense to like three people in the world the data traffic is routed through Norway. Yeah, Norway. So when I load Myspace through a web browser I get the Norwegian language site. Yes there is a client for myspace on the Ocean, but because there are some things in messaging that cannot be done with the Myspace client like forward some things require you to use a web browser. I am not sure how is to blame for this though as there is a setting in my profile that says I want USA English and I even tried to change the display language in Myspace manually but in Opera Mini the site continued to load in Norwegian. I had a remedy, but it made life suck big time. I run a proxy on my website for such occasions as this and when my wife needs to check NCAA bracket stuff from work and those sites are blocked. The net effect of loading slow web pages like myspace through a mini browser on a mobile phone routed through Norway on a proxy that is hosted in England, and then get all the way back to me here is the bonny US of A is 20-90 second page loads.

So Helio do your customers a favor and stop routing through Norway. That is really fing stupid.

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