Wednesday, January 17, 2007

For as cool as Google Talk could be.. Where are the phones?

You know for all the Skype phones that are pouring into the market, why aren't there more phones for say Google Talk? If you look at their site under accesories all you get is some $250 wireless usb headset. Not exactly what I am after. If they had a (in the range of) $100 handset I would be inclined to buy several and give them to family and friends. You figure, that has got to be cheaper than burning through cellphone plan minutes, I could probably even drop a tier on my plan safely if calls to family where VOIP. Both of our parents have high speed internet,wireless coverage and Gmail accounts because of my efforts. I think it is time to leverage that and reap the benefits of that labor, and the piss poor set of options is not going to cut the mustard.

Listen, I am not a developer, and I don't want to have to roll my own but damn it Google fan boys make me the Jabber phone that I am looking for or I will be forced to wield my soldering iron and total lack of useful knowledge to build my own. Results may not be pretty that is all I am saying. Simple display, you could use the Y-port to simplify the 802.11 part, there has to be some embedded Linux general purpose hardware that you could slap an lcd onto, and plug in a Y-port to, add a linux jabber client and some dialing logic and bam. Google talk phone.

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