Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Be mindful of your pride

Payperpost.com, simple concept. See an offer that you find value in posting about, write a post, take the offer and wait 30 days for your check(paypal, but whatever). Simple, and scary for the "authentic" bloggers out there who believe that corporations having a voice in the blogosphere will ruin it.

The bloggers out there that generate huge volumes of traffic, generate it because they are "not corporate" and "have something to say". Mostly they have very pleasing to read writing styles, excellent wit and humor as well as fantastic content. None of these qualities are easy to acquire, and none are easy to fake for long. Corp blogs seeking to capture these qualities (and the enormous click through it can generate) will not be able to sustain that, so if a few people pick up Payperpost listed ideas on their blog it is very very unlikely to do any more damage to them than the current spam blogs are doing.

That said, Payperpost will have a very long road of finding quality companies requesting buzz, and should steer clear of being overly proud for quite some time, and the following does not qualify:

"Get a hold of a picture of one of the bloggers that bashed us when we launched: techcrunch, scoble or any of your other favorites. Combine that with the phrase "All Our Blogs Are Belong to Us - PayPerPost.com" in your favorite photo editing tool so that the text is along with the image. Post it on your favorite photo sharing site like flickr and on your blog. Tell us what you think about the elitists who think they are the only ones that should get paid."


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